dora. 19. A day younger than Niel. Dauntless. District 3. Daughter of Apollo. Slytherin. Panda. Awkward. Baekai shipper. Jongin is my alter ego, deal with it.
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r.s: Married to my computer.

Awkward Panda

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Dora, 170894, Europe, Hungary. 

  kpoper. dreamer. hungarian. koreanlover. clumsy. piano. books. music. dance. japan. korea. asia. wanna be photographer. Leo. hardcore baekai shipper. hardcore shawol - taemint. bestfriend - champion. elf. exotic. leda. kiss me. dragons. toothless. manga. anime. the hunger games. supernatural. harry potter. the lord of the rings. pottermore - SunRiver27619 -> slytherin. personal blog. everything what i love.

|| piano || korean guys (especially with red hair) || fantasy books || 

|| shawol || bestfriend || exotic || bana || triple s || bana || boice || angel || elf || a+ || blackjack || kiss me || sunshine/hiller || etc.

otps || baekai || {always and forever}

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