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So. That post about every Shawol has an MVP side. 

That’s true.

I’m a Taemint monstly, but I love all of them. But Onew is sometimes different. He is my idol. He always smile and never forget to take care to the others. Yes he is clumsy and sometime it seems he is the maknae and not Taemin but the way as he talk about singing makes me cry. He way really really kind and an amazing person with a totally awesome voice. Most of the SHINee fans (who I’ve ever met) love Jonghyun’s voice, I don’t say he don’t have amazing voice because he do, but Onew with his soft voice…

All the time when I’m watching a solo performance of Onew it makes me cry. That man is just simply amazing. And his love for singing and fans. 

I have to admit I love him, truly. I want a brother as him. He would be awesome.


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